The Postgrad Guide to Labor Day: Unique Activities for 20-30 Year Olds

The Postgrad Guide to Labor Day: Unique Activities for 20-30 Year Olds

Labor Day, a celebration of the American worker, is a perfect opportunity to unwind, enjoy some leisure time, and create lasting memories with friends. For many in their 20s and 30s, this long weekend marks the end of summer and a chance to make the most of it before the weather starts to cool down. Still, many are left in that dilemma of what exactly to do. You’ve already hit up your local summer fav spots, and no longer can rely on back to school festivities. If this is you, and you're wondering how to make this Labor Day unforgettable, we've compiled a list of unique activities tailor-made for postgrads looking to have a blast.

summer party
  1. Cocktail Potluck: Mixing and Mingling

Kick off the Labor Day festivities with a twist on the classic potluck - a cocktail potluck! Each guest can bring their favorite cocktail ingredients and bartending skills to the table. With a wide variety of spirits, mixers, and garnishes, everyone can concoct their signature drinks, making it a fantastic opportunity to try out new concoctions and share their favorites with friends.

summer cocktail potluck night
  1. Apartment Hopping: Progressive Party

For those living in a city or town with a close-knit community, apartment hopping can be a fun and unique way to celebrate Labor Day. Plan a progressive party where groups of friends hop from one apartment to another, enjoying different activities and refreshments at each location. From games to themed décor, this progressive party will be an adventure to remember.

apartment party
  1. Rent a Party Boat or Barge

If you're located near a lake, river, or ocean, consider renting a party boat or barge for an unforgettable aquatic adventure. Gather your friends, crank up the music, and bask in the sun while cruising the water. You can indulge in water sports, swim, and simply revel in each other's company amidst the stunning waterfront views. Oh, and, pro tip? Send out a shared Spotify playlist ahead of time so everyone can play their favorite tunes. 

party boat or party barge
  1. Road Trip: Wanderlust and Adventure

Maybe your hometown is just really not doing it for you anymore. Embark on a Labor Day weekend road trip to explore nearby destinations. Whether you choose to visit charming towns, national parks, or scenic routes, a road trip is a great way to create unforgettable memories with friends. Be sure to pack snacks, create road trip playlists, and embrace the spontaneity that comes with the open road. Bonus points if someone has a Jeep or convertible! 

road trip
  1. Host a Tacky American Party

Unleash your creativity and throw a Tacky American Party. Encourage guests to dress up in outrageously patriotic outfits, decorate with quirky Americana, and embrace everything kitschy about American culture. From Statue of Liberty headpieces to Uncle Sam mustaches, this party will be a laugh-filled extravaganza. Definitely set out a photo booth or some disposable cameras to capture this theme. 

tacky USA outfit
  1. Find a Nearby Concert

Check local listings for concerts or music festivals happening around Labor Day. Many cities actually have free live performances for holidays like this. Attending a live show with your friends can be an exhilarating experience, creating unforgettable memories and connecting with others who share similar musical tastes. Don't forget to bring your best dance moves!

outdoor concert
  1. Get Competitive with a Drinking Games Tournament

If your group of friends loves a little friendly competition, organize a drinking games tournament. From classic beer pong and flip cup to innovative card games and board games, the options are limitless. Just remember to play responsibly and ensure everyone is having a good time.

drinking game
  1. Backyard Hibachi Night

Host a backyard hibachi night, where everyone can be their own teppanyaki chef. Set up hibachi grills or large flat-top griddles in the backyard and let guests cook their own delicious creations. This interactive dining experience will not only be fun but also a delightful culinary adventure. Alternatively, get everyone to pitch in and hire a backyard hibachi service! Many of these companies bring everything, including a fun chef and tons of Sake, so long as you set up a table.

backyard hibachi
  1. Hit Up a Baseball Game

Labor Day often marks the peak of the baseball season, making it an ideal time to catch a game with friends. Head to a nearby stadium, enjoy some ballpark snacks, and cheer for the home team. The vibrant atmosphere of a live game is something every sports enthusiast should experience. Maybe host a pregame before, or perhaps a swaray after? Either way, this outdoor activity is a great way to end the summer. 

baseball game
  1. Explore Local Brews with some Beer Tasting

For beer enthusiasts, Labor Day is an opportunity to savor and discover new flavors. Consider visiting a local brewery to enjoy a guided beer tasting experience or organize a beer tasting event at home. Sample a variety of craft beers, discuss tasting notes, and learn more about the brewing process.

beer tasting
  1. Retreat to Nature with a Little Camping

If you're craving an escape from the city hustle, plan a camping trip to immerse yourselves in nature. Gather your camping gear, pitch tents, and spend the weekend under the stars. Whether you prefer hiking, stargazing, or simply relaxing around the campfire, camping is a perfect way to bond with friends and create lifelong memories.


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In conclusion, Labor Day provides a fantastic opportunity for postgrads in their 20s and 30s to celebrate and make the most of the long weekend. From cocktail potlucks and apartment hopping to unique outings like renting a party boat or hosting a tacky American party, the possibilities are endless. No matter which activities you choose, the key is to embrace the spirit of camaraderie and adventure, making this Labor Day a memorable one for all. Remember to always drink responsibly and take care of your well-being (with NextDay!), so you can cherish the holiday memories for years to come. Cheers to making lasting memories with friends and cherishing the precious moments of young adulthood!

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