The Science

We created NextDay to alleviate the symptoms of hangovers and provide a pick-me-up whenever you need. With the superhero of hangover recovery, DHM, along with B6, a blend of B vitamins, vitamin C, D, E, zinc and magnesium, a small dose of natural caffeine (about a Diet Coke's worth) and only 35 calories, we've got you covered no matter what drives your long nights. Find out below about hangover specific symptoms as well as which ingredients target which symptoms.


You may not want to google this one, you probably don't want to know. In short, it's not necessarily in your face or immediate, but the symptoms vary in severity and impact. The good thing to know is that superhero we mentioned - DHM - is scientifically proven to help with alcohol withdrawal. 


 One of the worst feelings you can get after a night of drinking, nausea is the result of inflamed stomach lining, excess acid, and delayed movement of the contents in your stomach. NextDay can help prevent nausea, reduce nausea, address the drivers of nausea, and get your stomach and body restarted. 


Alcohol reduces your quality of sleep, which you already didn't get a lot of when you shut down the after after party. NextDay delivers a natural dose of caffeine plus B vitamins to give you a boost without the jitters or the crash that you get from traditional energy drinks. 


All of the things above, in addition to the inflammatory reactions in your body after drinking, may give you one of those throbbing, pounding headaches where everything sucks (light, sound, your bf's SO talking at brunch - that may suck anyways). NextDay's blend helps alleviate your headache and breakdown the toxins causing those inflammatory reactions. 


What? On top of all those other things, alcohol impairs your immune system? Yes. Fortunately, the vitamin C in NextDay will help boost it, helping your immune system keep you on your feet and ready to do whatever it is you have planned for the day (including that boozy brunch where you get to hear about all the horrific embarrassing things your friends did last night -- no, NextDay has no ingredients to help address their lost dignity). 


DHM helps with impaired mental function that comes with a hangover, and allows you to regain your focus. Coupled with natural caffeine and B12, NextDay gets you back on your feet.


You fought "breaking the seal" all night, but eventually your body becomes dehydrated even if you were following every drink with a cup of water (and you probably forgot at least one of those cups). With electrolytes and a nice but not overwhelming sized can full of that glorious H20, NextDay will get you back on track.