The Best Drinking Games

The Best Drinking Games

Games are designed to make drinking more fun and social, isn't that most of the point? Some games require skill, while others are based purely on luck. Remember to hydrate, drink responsible, and get a NextDay to keep you feeling great! Here are some of the most popular drinking games:

  1. Beer Pong: This is probably the most well-known drinking game in college. It's a game where players throw ping pong balls into cups of beer. If you sink the ball into the cup, the other player has to drink the beer. The first team to get rid of all their cups wins. Bring-backs, bounces, on-fire, and more house rules can spice this up.

  2. Twenty-One: For those looking for a faster pace game, 3v3 with 21 cups. Match up across the table against a foe, and don't wait for your teammates... just shoot the ball you share with your foe. Keeping track of 3 in a row bring back adds to the fun. Only 1 rerack!

  3. Civil war: 2v2 or 3v3 with 6 or 4 cups EACH. Once your cups are gone, you're done. Extracurricular rebounds can lead to some extreme plays.3. Paddle Pong / Dartmouth Pong: 7 cups on each side arranged in a pyramid with one on the back filled all the way up. Using ping pong paddles with no handles and no grips, try to bounce the ball into the opponents cups. If you don't keep the ball in play (taking turns 2v2), it's your turn to serve. You must serve cross court and not hit the cups (you hit what you drink). The ball must be hit up and there is a height rule. If you hit their cup and it bounces off, they drink half. If you sink it, they drink the rest of the cup. If the ball hits and bounces off, you can try to save it back into play with no height rule.Girls Partying In College

  4. Kings: This game involves a deck of cards and a large group of people. Each card has a rule associated with it, such as "make a rule" or "waterfall". Players take turns picking cards and following the rules. If you break a rule or can't think of one, you have to take a drink.

  5. Flip Cup: This game is played with teams of four or more. Each player has a cup of beer that they have to chug before flipping the cup over. The next player can't start until the previous player has successfully flipped their cup. The first team to finish wins.

  6. Quarters: This game is played with a quarter and a shot glass. Players take turns bouncing the quarter off the table and into the shot glass. If you make it, you get to choose who has to take the shot.
  7. Slap Cup / You Got Served: Think Quarters, except a stack of solo cups in the middle filled up. If you bounce the pong ball in on the first bounce, pass your cup anywhere. If not on the first bounce, pass it to the left once you make it. If you overtake someone, slap their cup out of their hand. They must grab a filled cup from the middle, chug it, and start over. Pass the pong ball to person to their left. (If they make it first bounce, circle back, and they better hope they drank fast enough!)

  8. Thumper: This game is played with a group of people who all have a unique hand gesture. One person starts by doing their gesture and then someone else's. The second person then does their gesture and someone else's. If someone messes up, they have to take a drink.

  9. Power Hour: This game involves taking a shot of beer every minute for an hour. It's a challenging game that can lead to a lot of drunkenness.

  10. Edward Fortyhands: This game involves duct-taping a forty-ounce bottle of beer to each of your hands. You can't take the tape off until you've finished both bottles.

  11. Roxanne: This game involves listening to the song "Roxanne" by The Police. Players take a drink every time the word "Roxanne" is sung.

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Drinking games can be a fun way to socialize and have a good time with friends. However, it's important to drink responsibly and not overdo it. Make sure to drink plenty of water and take breaks between games. Always have a designated driver or a plan to get home safely. Remember to get a NextDay so you are feeling great and don't regret long nights!

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