Beating February doldrums -- Health, energy, and recovery

Beating February doldrums -- Health, energy, and recovery

On Thirsty Thursdays, we review the best parties, bars, events, tailgates, and places to spend a great night with friends as well as a few drink mixes to enjoy the evening. We say Celebrate. Recover. Repeat. and NextDay Recovery covers you in the morning no matter what you got into last night, so you only have to worry about the first part -- Celebrate.

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Typically, we try to look forward on Thursdays. But today we recognize you might be feeling a little worn out. Superbowl Sunday, Valentine's Day last night, maybe you kept Dry January (so your tolerance is lower), or maybe you broke it... UVA Law celebrates Feb Club to get through the winter doldrums, but you're reading this getting crushed by the realities of a job.

Feb Club: A Storied Tradition — Virginia Law Weekly

Enter NextDay. Not only does it contain ingredients specifically designed to help with hangovers, it contains only 35 calories while being packed with vitamins and minerals. Here's some highlights:

- More than 1000% Vitamin C

- More than 1500% Vitamin B6

- Almost 100% Zinc

- Over 500% Vitamin B12

- And more!

Poolside drinking? We’ve got you. #NDSocialClub #GetANextDay

On top of being low calorie and healthy, NextDay also provides a small dose caffeine (about a Diet Coke's worth) coupled with B12 to unlock serious energy boosts. All without a caffeine crash!

NextDay makes any party keep going so if you are feeling down, get healthy, get energy, and get recovery all in one (and if you need it within 30 minutes, order here). Celebrate. Recover. Repeat.

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