Three Ways To Supercharge Your Next Day After A Night Out

Three Ways To Supercharge Your Next Day After A Night Out

Whether it’s going out for a night out, a wine night in, or just a dinner party, the next morning can be a sore subject, and sometimes in more ways than one. 

When thinking about a good time, it’s usually a matter of time before we start thinking about the ramifications of our decisions—not that we’re suggesting you don’t think about them, but how you feel the next morning shouldn’t be front and center in the decision making process when making plans. 

And here we get to it, the hangover. Not referring to the movie, hangovers are sometimes seen as an inevitable part to the conversation of enjoying life. However, by understanding some of the leading factors that play into feeling hungover, we can understand how to best mitigate them. 

Below we go over three major causes of a hangover, and what you can do about them so that your next night out doesn’t end in a morning in. 

Drinking on an empty stomach

Alcohol can have an abrasive effect on the body, and the stomach is no different. Drinking can lead to an increase in stomach acid levels as well as impairment of the flow of digestion. 

What you can do for this is make sure to eat within an hour of consuming alcohol. It doesn’t necessarily need to be any specific type of food, but ones higher in starches that can absorb have been seen to help.

Drinking without water in sight

Yes, we know you know. We all know that everyone knows, and yet so many of us still don’t follow the general rule. Alcohol dehydrates us, and as the body produces more urine to pass it through, we also lose more and more water. 

While we may not feel it much in the moment, our bodies become more and more dehydrated as the night goes on. The result impedes our ability to regulate homeostasis and clear out alcohol’s toxins, and ultimately can lead you feeling much worse the next day. 

A way to rectify this? Make sure to consume water with electrolytes throughout the night. At least every 30 minutes to an hour, consumption should be at adequate levels to ensure hydration and a smoother morning. 

Take it one sip at a time

This might me one of the most obvious points, but it can also be rectified if one plays the game strategically. Probably the most common cause of a hangover, is, drumroll please… drinking too much! 

It can be easy to get lost in the moment (or the drinking games) and get carried away with how much one is drinking. However, spacing alcoholic drinks with water or other non-alcoholic drinks can allow us to feel like we are consuming at the pace of others around us, but in fact will likely feel about 6x better in the morning. 

The bottom line

To summarize, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to not having a hangover as there are so many factors that go into it based on you as an individual, and what is consumed. However, there are some proven ways to have a great time without sacrificing a minute of your next day. 

Stay hydrated, eat before and during your night, and drink less by sipping on water and other hydrating drinks between the cocktails.  


NextDay helps restore lost electrolytes by providing vital minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium, and others along with vitamins A, B, C, D, and E to give the body what it needs to regenerate lost neurotransmitters and promote detoxification the next day. Finally, DHM targets hangover recovery specifically by allowing faster breakdown of alcohol-associated toxins in the liver. 

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