The 7 Best Ways to Celebrate Mardi Gras

The 7 Best Ways to Celebrate Mardi Gras

On Thirsty Thursdays, we review the best parties, bars, events, tailgates, and places to spend a great night with friends as well as a few drink mixes to enjoy the evening. We say Celebrate. Recover. Repeat. and NextDay Recovery covers you in the morning no matter what you got into last night, so you only have to worry about the first part -- Celebrate.

Mardi Gras 2024 less than two weeks away - February 13, 2024 culminates the major celebration for one of the biggest parties in the world. Parades already started, but pick up intensity this weekend leading up to Tuesday. Don't get stuck on Bourbon street as the firefights hose it down to get people off it... here are the 7 best ways to celebrate (ideally in New Orleans).

  1. Attend a Parade: Mardi Gras parades are renowned for their colorful floats, lively music, and vibrant costumes. Many cities, especially New Orleans, host elaborate parades featuring marching bands, dance troupes, and flamboyant displays. Attendees often catch beads, doubloons, and other trinkets thrown from the floats, adding to the festive atmosphere.

  2. Dress in Mardi Gras Colors: Embrace the spirit of Mardi Gras by dressing in the traditional colors of purple, green, and gold. These colors symbolize justice, faith, and power, respectively. Whether it's clothing, accessories, or even face paint, donning these festive hues adds a touch of authenticity to your celebration.Future Mardi Gras Dates - New Orleans - New Orleans & Company

  3. Indulge in King Cake: King Cake is a sweet and delicious Mardi Gras tradition. This circular pastry is decorated with icing and colored sugar in the signature purple, green, and gold. Baked inside the cake is a small plastic baby figurine. Tradition dictates that whoever finds the baby in their slice is responsible for hosting the next Mardi Gras celebration.Gambino's Praline Filled King Cake by Gambino's Bakery King Cakes

  4. Host a Mardi Gras Party: Bring the festivities to your home by hosting a Mardi Gras-themed party. Decorate with masks, beads, and vibrant colors. Serve traditional Creole and Cajun dishes like jambalaya, gumbo, and beignets. Encourage guests to dress in Mardi Gras attire, and play lively music to create a lively and celebratory atmosphere.

  5. Explore Mardi Gras Traditions: Immerse yourself in the cultural and historical aspects of Mardi Gras by learning about its traditions. Understand the significance of the elaborate masks worn during the celebrations and the role of the Mardi Gras Indians. Explore the diverse cultural influences that contribute to the unique tapestry of Mardi Gras celebrations.

  6. Participate in Street Performances and Festivities: Mardi Gras is not just about organized parades; the streets come alive with impromptu performances, music, and festivities. Wander through the vibrant streets, engage with street performers, and soak in the eclectic atmosphere. Many neighborhoods and districts host block parties and open-air celebrations, providing an opportunity to experience Mardi Gras in an authentic and unscripted manner.

  7. Hit the bars: There are so many to choose from in New Orleans, but Pat O'Briens (Pat O's) is a great place to swing by. Just stroll down Bourbon Street and enjoy the scene :) Pat O'Brien's | New Orleans, LA Batch

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