4 Cocktails with the least calories

4 Cocktails with the least calories

On Thirsty Thursdays, we review the best parties, bars, events, tailgates, and places to spend a great night with friends as well as a few drink mixes to enjoy the evening. We say Celebrate. Recover. Repeat. and NextDay Recovery covers you in the morning no matter what you got into last night, so you only have to worry about the first part -- Celebrate.

Added sugar is everywhere! And when it comes to drinking, a fun night can turn into a few hundred extra calories quickly. But indulging in a cocktail or two doesn’t have to derail your nutrition and diet goals. You don't have to sacrifice taste, we'll share 4 low-calorie cocktails you can enjoy without the guilt: 

1. Vodka Soda with a Twist: The classic vodka soda is a go-to choice for those seeking a low-calorie option. Simply mix vodka with soda water and garnish with a twist of lime or a few fresh mint leaves. This cocktail is not only refreshing but also low in calories, making it a popular choice among health-conscious drinkers.

Vodka Soda (Four Simple Ingredients)

Note: Make sure to get soda (zero calories) not tonic (added sugar)!

2. Skinny Margarita: Margarita lovers rejoice! You can enjoy this beloved cocktail without worrying about excessive calories. A skinny margarita combines tequila, fresh lime juice, and a splash of orange liqueur, served over ice. Skip the sugary mixers and syrups, and you’ll have a zesty, low-calorie delight. Frankly this tastes better than those mixes anyways.

3. Gin and Tonic Light: Gin and tonic, a timeless classic, can easily become a low-calorie favorite. Opt for a high-quality tonic water (like Fever Tree) and mix it with equal parts club soda before pairing it with your preferred gin. Garnish with a slice of cucumber or a few juniper berries for an extra burst of flavor. This cocktail is not only light on calories but also wonderfully refreshing.

4. Mojito Madness: Mojitos are known for their refreshing combination of mint, lime, and rum. To make a low-calorie version, use a natural sweetener like stevia or agave syrup instead of traditional sugar. Muddle the mint leaves and lime juice, add rum and soda water, and you’ve got yourself a guilt-free mojito that’s big on taste and light on calories.

Classic Mojito Recipe - Cookie and Kate

There’s no need to compromise flavor for the sake of your waistline. These low-calorie options prove that you can indulge in a delicious drink while maintaining your healthy lifestyle. So, the next time you’re out with friends or hosting a gathering, impress your guests with these light and luscious creations. Cheers to guilt-free sipping!

10 low-calorie alcoholic drinks that will help in weight loss | The Times  of India

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