Celebrating Championship Monday - And Recovering

Celebrating Championship Monday - And Recovering

On Thirsty Thursdays, we review the best parties, bars, events, tailgates, and places to spend a great night with friends as well as a few drink mixes to enjoy the evening. We say Celebrate. Recover. Repeat. and NextDay Recovery covers you in the morning no matter what you got into last night, so you only have to worry about the first part -- Celebrate.

This weekend brings the end of March Madness, where the defending national champions will likely remind Alabama why they are a football school, and the last Cinderella, NC State, will try to repeat the magic from over 40 years ago. Either way, there will be a great game in the books for Monday night, which means most people need to get to work the following day.UConn Wins Dual Championships ... Again | Only A Game

While we don't have any solutions for moving the game from Monday to Sunday (seriously, why is this not Friday and Sunday?), there are ways to aid your recovery. Beyond just limiting intake of alcohol and pacing with water, there is a major way to get ahead... and another methodology to recover.

First, as studied by Matthew Walker and detailed in his book Why We Sleep, while you can't really make up for lost sleep, you can pre-bank it. If you need to get up early, try to find some time on Sunday or early Monday evening to sneak in a nap. Even 20 minutes helps.Naturepedic | The Art of the Power Nap

Second, after a late night, getting caffeine helps you reenergize for the day and mixing caffeine and B12 leaves you with more energy and less of a crash. Additionally, replenishing electrolytes helps with hydration, headaches and other maladies of drinking alcohol. B6 aids in nausea, and vitamin C helps boost your immune system which consumption of alcohol attacks. Finally, dihydromyricetin (DHM) is an all natural extract from Asia which is scientifically proven to help with hangover symptoms. You can find all of these and more in NextDay and get back to your workout or whatever else needs to happen in the morning!

10 Minute Morning Workout Routine! | Women's Best Blog

NextDay makes any party, like Championship Monday, keep going with NextDay Recovery's all-natural blend which includes DHM and essential vitamins and minerals to make you feel great no matter what happened last night. With a small dose of natural caffeine and low calories, get a NextDay for your anytime pick-me-up with no jitters and no crash (and if you need it within 30 minutes, order here). Celebrate. Recover. Repeat.

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